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Taiwan Taipei Mountains Countryside

Sample Travel Itinerary Day 4






11am to 2pm

Qingan Temple in Keelung

Ta Sha Wan Shan, East of Keelung City



3pm to 7pm


From Taipei Railway Station, take the train to Rueifang Railway Station (not MRT station), then a bus or cab to Jiufen.

TeaHouses at a beautiful mountainous area

Food to try:
Beef Noodles
(Try the stall that serves it in red and black bowls near muachee stall at the entrance of the shopping strip)

8pm to 9.30pm

MiaoKou NM in Keelung

From the Keelung railway station walk east straight along the street following the harbor in the direction of the Keelung Harbor Bureau

Statue of Guanyin & Zhongzheng Park

Food to try:
Stinky Toufu
Oyster Omelet
Pot-edged pancake soup
Bubble ice
Bean noodle thick soup
Shrimp Taiwanese balls
Fried sandwiches
Shrimp Taiwanese balls

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