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11am to 2pm

Beitou Hot Spring Museum (lunch and private spa)

Get on the 'Xindian - Danshui' or 'Beitou to Nanshijiao' lines, because you want to get off at 'Beitou Station'. At 'Beitou Station', there is a one station branch line running from 'Beitou Station' to 'Xin Beitou Station', which is nearer to the hot springs resort area.

Hot Springs


3pm to 7pm

Dan Shui (lao jie to walk n eat)
(Preferably go on weekends)

Danshui's Strange Museum

Stop at Danshui MRT Station

Food to try:
muah chee @ danshui: there a shop selling black sugar muah chee that is very nice. the shop is call jin ji.

Around 5pm, be at the front of Danshui station, and take bus 26 (red). It's a 15mins ride to Fisherman’s Wharf where you can catch the sunset. The lighting of Lover’s Bridge (yu ren ma tou) is at 7pm. This place is beautiful and very windy.

• Ferry ride (NT50-80) --> Pali --> Danshui

8pm to 9.30pm

Miranmar Ferris Wheel

Take a free shuttle bus from Jiantan (劍潭捷運站) MRT station

The Miramar Ferris Wheel is located in Neihu in a shopping mall.

10pm to close

Shihlin NM

Take the free shuttle bus from Miranmar Ferris Wheel to Jiantan (劍潭捷運站) MRT station and walk to Shihlin Night Market

Food to try:
Hao Jian

Massage at Shilin: there a "Li Bing Hui" massage shop at Shilin which you must try! There's a big signboard which you will see when you walk from the MRT exit towards the shopping area of shilin. It costs NT$300 for a foot massage and NT$400 for 30min of upper body massage.

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