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Sample Travel Itinerary Day 1






6am to 7am




730am to 930am

Long Shan Si (龙山寺) / Guan Yin Mountain

It’s just one stop away from XMD station, and right at the Longshan MRT Station.

Quite a popular temple

1030am to 3pm

Taipei 101
(high-end shopping centre)

Board the Kunyang Metro line and travel to the East. Stop at the Taipei City Hall Station and follow Exit 2. Take the free shuttle bus, a coach or taxi if you are not able to take a 15 minutes walking distance. Keep to the left from the station.


Food to try:
Mister Donut

4pm to 6.30pm

Maokong (teahouse)

Take the Muzha Line to Taipei Zoo Station. Then, take the cable car, or local bus No. 10 and alight at Maokong stop

For dinner and tea (leave once gets dark)

Food to try:
Local dishes
Tie Guan Yin Tea

7.30pm to close

Wufenpu (shopping paradise) and then RaoHe NM

Wu Fen Pu (for mass buying) is at Houshanpi station (go from 1pm onwards when all shops are open. shops close at about 12am)
Raohe Nightmarket (near Wu Fen Pu) is behind Songshan railway station


Cable Car

Food to try:
Beef noodles
tau kwa

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