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Taiwan Bus stop Taipei

Freego (Fei go in Chinese – "flying dog"). They are green colour buses that will bring you to your hotel. Freego bus starts at 5 am in the morning and the last bus leaves the Airport at 1.30 am.

Once you're done with customs clearance at the airport, head for the “Buses” booths. There is a Free Go Airport Bus (飞狗机场巴士) booth that sells bus tickets and bring you directly to all hotels in XiMenDing (西门丁 XMD). The bus ticket is NT135.

When you board the bus, just let the driver know your destination hotel - he will remind you to get down when the bus arrives. If the Freego bus doesn't go directly to your XMD hotel, they will arrange for a minibus transfer. The minibus will bring you to your hotel, and is included in your ticket price.

Sometimes you will need to change to a free shuttle bus from Freego's Taipei Terminal in order to get to your hotel.

However to get to town quicker, you can take Kou Kuang bus (NTD110~NTD125) to Taipei Main Station and then take a cab. The cab ride is metered and should cost less than NTD100, which is pretty cheap if you're travelling in a small group. If for whatever reason Freego isn't available, then Kou Kuang is your next best choice.


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